This hilarious argument happened between an Aer Lingus pilot and the New York City air traffic controller.

The flight named “Shamrock 104 Heavy” started from JFK to Ireland and the aircraft has to turn left to go to Ireland and it was instructed by the ATC but the pilot refuses to turn the aircraft and the heated argument starts…

PILOT: Shamrock 104 heavy 2000 for 5000 runway heading, 22R

Air Traffic Controller: Shamrock 104 heavy, New York departure, radar contact, climb and maintain 7000

P: 7000, 104 heavy

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy, turn left heading 100

P: Ok sir, we got a (weather) cell we can’t take that heading

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy, why not sir? How far do you need to go runway heading?

P: We need runway heading for 15 miles,Shamrock 104 heavy

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy, it’s light. I have 6 categoried of weather here- that is the lightest category, I’ve haad no adverse ride reports south of the airport by 10 miles.

P: Ok sir, I can just go by the equipment I’m looking at and we’re showing a cell, I can take a left turn heading 200 or 210

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy,alright. Tell me when you can turn to left.

P: welco sir

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy turn right heading 360.

P: Ok turn right heading 360, 104 heavy

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy turn right heading 040

P: Right 040 Shamrock 104 heavy

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy speed 210 for your delay

P: 210, Shamrock 104 heavy, levelling 7000

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy turn right heading 100

p: Ok right 100, 104 heavy

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy turn right heading 240

P: Ok right 240, 104 heavy

After a lot of turn right heading, finally ATC approves to turn left…

P: Shamrock 104 heavy we need a turn now towards GREKI

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy turn right heading 350

P: Right 350, 104 heavy

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy, you’re gonna go the same way that the last 6 GREKIs went while you did this overhead Kennedy you’re gonna turn right to 080, If you’re unable a heading of 080 you’re gonna continue to hold right there

P: Ok sir you want me to turn right now 080?

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy you have to follow GREKI, that’s right underneath you

P: Ok – just to clarify, you want me to turn right roll out heading 080 Shamrock 104 heavy

ATC: All the way, all the way around, 080, Shamrock 104 heavy and then you’ll be in line with rest of the GREKIs

P: Ok sir we’ll do that

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy turn left heading 050

P: Left 050, 104 heavy

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy contact New York departure 126.8 we’ll see ya.

P: 126.8 104 heavy, and before I go we didn’t create any situation we flew the aircraft in a safe manner, and my boss will be in contact with your boss, Good day…

ATC: Shamrock 104 heavy, understood, I just…I do understand and appreciate that, but again, you know there’s not much… you’re on the runway and you’ve taken a clearance, and accepted a departure clearance and you’re seeing that weather straight ahead, on a runway, and everybody off that airport is turning left I mean there’s not too many options here in New York.

P: “It’s not my first day in New York. It’s not my first day in an aircraft. I did what I had to do. GOOD DAY 126.8

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Paul Millard

Flying a 4 seater from Provincetown Mass to Beverly Mass across Mass Bay late nights, have had much more entertaining conversations with bored controllers at Boston Approach. They are a hoot when not under stress! Wouldn’t want to be a controller dealing with the Conga line during prime time, though.