Atlanta-atcAn American passenger flight from New York had about 50 miles to go until landing at Atlanta so the Captain called up with “Hello,Atlanta. we’ll be with you at about 12:10 approaching from the north and looking for clearance for approach and landing.”

Atlanta ATC replied, “OK American- you’ll be with us at 12:10 and you’re clear to land from the north.”

This was followed immediately by a call from an Air Mexico flight saying, “Hello Atlanta, this is Air Mexico. We will be arriving from the south at 12:10. We OK for approach and landing from the south?” To which Atlanta ATC affirmed their approval.

After a few seconds silence, the American pilot called again, saying, “Atlanta, did you just clear Air Mexico to land from the south at 12:10 after clearing us to land from the north also at 12:10?

Atlanta ATC replied, “y’all take care now, ya hear?


  1. Well that was stupid. Obviously whoever wrote this “joke” knows nothing about ATC and NOTHING about Atlanta. Funny? I don’t think so!


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