The crosswind is coming from the left, cascading down the mountain, as evident in the foliage being consistently pushed to the right at the beginning of the tape.

Demonstrating exceptional skill, the pilot opts to fly past the runway before eventually turning toward it.

During this maneuver, the pilot utilizes the left crosswind to assist in the rightward drift.

As the aircraft overflies the centerline while still 100 feet above the ground, the pilot lowers the left wing and maintains a low position to counteract the drift to the right. Simultaneously, right rudder input is applied to align the fuselage with the centerline. When the airplane initiates the flare for touchdown, the pilot raises the left wing to level, applying slight additional right rudder to “kick” the aircraft into alignment precisely at the moment of touchdown. This technique combines two classic crosswind strategies and is particularly suitable for large airplanes.


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