Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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The World’s Greatest Aviation “Shut Up And Take My Money” Ideas...

#28 Badass Conference Table #27 Helicopter Beer Launcher #26 Spitfire - bringing beer kegs to the men in Normandy The Spitfire Mk IX was an evolved version...

How much vodka does one have to consume to even consider...

Don't worry, people involved only had minor injuries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwfWBcsj6dk

Car vs Boeing 747 Engines

Richard answers that everyday question - can a car survive the thrust of a Boeing 747's engines? A Citreon 2CV and a Ford Mondeo...

The way the pilot pursues the cars is like something out...


Top 12 “Tell Me Again Why I Lost My Job?” Moments...

1/12 2/12 3/12 4/12 5/12 6/12 7/12 8/12 9/12 10/12 11/12 12/12 http://aviationhumor.net/perfectly-timed-photos-gallery/

Someone had their dream fulfilled

via Reddit

Bolkow Bo 105 playing around with a Toyota GT 86


BMW LED Logo on Propeller Aircraft – nice advertisement

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