On November 5, 1999, an Eglin AFB security policeman, patrolling the flight line, drops his personal cell phone.

While reaching down to retrieve it, he drives his vehicle into an F-15C Eagle, striking it from the rear and causing more than $62,000 in damage to the F-15’s landing gear.

The car was, of course, scrapped.

But the security guard was lucky. He suffered only a concussion.

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Kevin Kirk
Kevin Kirk
4 years ago

It is possible that this story is false. I have heard this story several times from fellow Eagle Keepers. Here is the version I got. Second hand but credible source. Both sources were stationed at Eglin AFB, FL at the time. Cop was getting a BJ while driving on the flight line. Shit happens. While the cell phone story is somewhat plausible, that merely shows that the dude was a dumbass… However, if you crash while getting a BJ, may as well go big and involve an Eagle… That’s hero material, there! Besides, in 1999, cell phones were not yet… Read more »

1 year ago

BJ story was what I heard as well. And I joined in June 01 and no one had cell phones then hardly so 1999? Nah wasn’t a phone.

Declan Gaskill
Declan Gaskill
2 days ago

Ayo pause 🤨