Guns? Who needs guns when you’ve got the business end of a Mig jet engine mounted on your tank’s turret?

That’ll show those land mines who’s boss.

The Russians really like using jet engines for just about anything. Let’s use a jet engine for mine clearing?

Da! Let’s use a jet engine to melt the snow? Da!

Meet the Progvev-T, a gas-dynamic minesweeper.

This 37-tons beast was a T-54 tank base and a MiG-15 jet engine on top. Progvev-T also had a container with kerosene that allowed it to clear up to 6 kilometers of road without refueling.

The concept was simple to imagine. Take a jet engine and use the considerable heat and blast effect to clear and disable mines. Easy right? 

Klimov VK-1

The only problem with the design was that the size of the tank and noise generated do not make it a stealthy beast at all. The T-54/55 hull could take the weight with no problem. It just was an easy and slow target.

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