These are snowblowers. Or better said, a snowmelters used at some Russian airports .

The ones bellow use Klimov VK-1 engines from MiG-15 fighters.

Soviet KRAZ-255 6×6 Snowblower Truck with MIG-15 Jet Engine

These machines are still used to remove snow from runways, and in some cases, for de-icing of planes in Russia.

The engine bellow is a MiG-15 or MiG-17 radial compressor engine with a lengthened jet exhaust.

Another variation on the same idea, using a different truck model.

During the 1960s a number of MiG-15’s were used by the Polish State Railways to clear the tracks of ice and snow. The rear fuselage and wings were removed and the engine was operated from the cockpit. Similar set-ups were used to remove ice from railroad tracks and railroad switches in the permafrost areas in Siberia, and even in East Germany during the harsh winters.

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4 years ago

Very practical. Good idea. Obviously some recalibration work has been done.

2 years ago

Also used for NBC decontamination.