Saturday, August 18, 2018
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F-15 Eagle shoots down an unmanned F-4 Phantom

Who else thought they are going to shoot the F-4 while it is next to the chase plane?

USAF F-15c Low Level in the Mach Loop

The Amazing sight of 4 USAF F-15c Flying straight at you!!

F-15 put in oscillatory spin state during NASA’s high-AoA test program

I feel dizzy just watching that.

Planes Gone Wild Part 1

1. Gettin' Steamy 2. When he kisses you so passionately it lifts you off your feet 3. Dat ass tho 4. She was feeling it... 5. On my...

I bet the F-35 would shut down and display a link...

F-15C Pilots Scrambling, Take-off, Vertical Climb

That's exactly how I leave to go to my 9 to 5 corporate, desk job...