I was taxiing out to the active in a 172 and I had just dialed up tower and checked the approach which was clear. The weather was 15+ vis and no ceiling. I was just about to call tower for clearance when I heard this.
ABC: London tower this is alpha bravo charlie on short final 33.

TWR: Alpha bravo charlie, negative visual contact pull up go around.
I took a good hard look for the a/c and saw nothing so I called tower and got cleared to go. I heard 2 more renditions of the “On short final” and “Pull up go around” act. On the fourth try the pilot got a bit frustrated about the wave off. It went like this.

TWR: Negative visual contact pull up and go around.
ABC: Well look out you window, I’m right bloody in front of you!
Tower came back very cool and collected.

TWR: Alpha bravo charlie look down into the centre of the runway pattern. Do you see a big white radar dome?
ABC: err….negative dome tower.
TWR: That’s because you’re not over London. You’re over Waterloo-Wellington 50 miles north-east of my position. Waterloo-Wellington tower frequency is 125.00. I think they would like to talk to you.


  1. ha ha ha ha funny, i visually imaged a plane just on final and then go around to come back and go around again 🙂

  2. C’mon that can’t be true, any controller would’ve switch him since the first approach. Assuming he has radar coverage, as he knew exactly where he was…

    • You probrably are correct Angela, any controlled airport has a radar and the controller would switch him over well before he could even see the runway. But this page is called aviationhumor and this is a funny joke =)

      • Well Haugalenningen… you have to excuse some people because they don’t seem to comprehend what different pages actually are about even if they do read it.


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