A pilot dies and goes to hell. As he is waiting for the devil, he notices three doors. The devil is nowhere in sight so he walks over to door number one and peeks inside.
There he sees a lone pilot, sweating over emergency after emergency, non-stop bells and horns. Quickly closing that door, he creeps to door number two. There he sees a pilot going over checklist after checklist after checklist. Slamming closed that door, he steps over to the 3rd and last door. Inside is a pilot, along with three flight attendants who are pouring coffee, serving dinners and cold compresses to the pilot. Smiling he slowly closes the door and goes over and sits down.
The devil finally arrives and tells him to choose a door. He laughs and chooses door no. 3. “Sorry” says the devil. “Door no. 3 is flight attendant hell”.



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