A pilot in JFK makes a long PA to passengers, but transmits it to ATC and other pilots by mistake!! Pilots jump right back at him with hilarious replies.

JFK ATC: Whoever just unkeyed, check your clicker, it’s stickinggg!

JBU606: Tower Jetblue 606 we’re on Charlie short of Echo, just reporting as previously instructed.

JFK ATC: Jetblue 606 roger, standby…
… We’ve stopped all departures right now standby a second.

AWE50: And ground this is Cactus, eh, 50, we’re showing a fire in our number 2 engine, the engine is shut down. Is there any way you could roll trucks out here and get ’em to look at it for us?

Pilot making PA over the radio: and folks good evening once again from the flight deck, as you look out the windows and notice all the rain, the lightning and everything else, right now they have a stop on all departures because of the weather. In addition to that, we’ve been informed within the last 5 or 6 minutes that our route going to the north-east has been shut down…

( Other pilots transmitting to try and let him know)

… so we’re in an additional delay here, we’re just going to wait for this thunderstorm to pass here and then we’re gonna re-evaluate the departure to the north and east and once we find out some information we’ll be happy to pass it along to ya so just sit back, relax enjoy the ride here and or sit here and once we know some more information we’ll pass it on. Thanks for your patience.

(Poor Cactus 50. Sitting there with an engine fire and everyone is laughing at the PA guy.)

Other pilots: Oh, thank you!
Pilot: Hey nice PA man, very good job.
(Lots of pilots transmitting at the same time)
Pilot: ohhhhh burn
Pilot: HA ha
Random pilot #5: Well said!
Pilot: Hey can we get some peanuts?
Other pilot: Cost you two dollars!
Pilot: Can I use my cell phone?

Pilot apologising

JFK ATC: (Laughs) that’s ok!
Pilot to ATC: Tower do you have anything to add to that?
JFK ATC: (in the thickest New York accent you have ever heard) I have nothin’ to say it’s a great day!

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