A young lady was conducting a study in to human sexual behavior. She came to the conclusion that the best place to find participants for the survey would be the airport.

After three hours of questioning passengers, she sees a pilot walking to his gate. Having heard of the reputation of pilots she stops him “Excuse me, Captain” she says, “I am doing a survey on human sexuality…I was wondering if you could answer a few questions…” The pilot agrees, and the young lady starts questioning him.

After three questions, she asks him “…and when was the last time you had sex?”. Straight away the Captain replies “1959″. The girl was shocked. She looks at the captain and asks “1959 isn’t that a long time ago?”. “Oh” the pilot replies “I guess so…but it’s only 2015 now…”


  1. The girl was shocked. She looks at the captain and says “Well Hell, I think it’s my duty to remedy that.” So she takes him into the pilots lounge and proceeds to give him the ride of his life. After she was done she asks, “I bet you forgot what that was like, huh?” The pilot replies, “Nope, it’s only 2015 now…”


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