Boeing 767 airplane takeoff during a severe storm!

Respect to the pilots, double respect to the plane, triple respect to the engineers who built this plane.

This Captain knows this aircraft better than he knows his children. He was like We paid the whole runway, we use the whole runway!

In the realm of aviation, the Boeing 767 airplane stands as a symbol of resilience and engineering prowess, capable of conquering even the most challenging weather conditions. A remarkable testament to this fact emerged during a severe storm when the pilots of a Boeing 767 airplane decided to take off, utilizing the entire runway length to ensure the safety of their flight.

Severe storms, with their turbulent winds, blinding rain, and unpredictable gusts, are every airplane pilot’s nightmare. However, these challenging conditions are precisely when the expertise of pilots and the robust design of aircraft are put to the ultimate test.

When the pilots of the Boeing 767 decided to take off during a severe storm, they made a calculated and daring choice. With the safety of their passengers and crew in mind, they opted to use the entire runway length. This decision allowed the airplane to build up the necessary speed and lift to overcome the powerful forces of the storm.

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Susan West
Susan West
7 months ago

The FULL length of the runway? V1 went out the door. Once take off speed is reached, why remain on a take off roll. Almost zero visibility.