15 Awesome and Interesting Facts About Military Aircraft
15 Awesome and Interesting Facts About Military Aircrafts


  1. 16. During WW2, British Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers were equipped with radars. The Italian navy was made to believe that the British could find them in the dark by using listening devices. As a result the Italians stopped their engines when they were attacked, and thus became easier to hit.

    (Source : To war in a stringbag by Charles Lamb)

  2. A key one missing here: the last air-to-air battle of the European theatre of WW2 was made by a Piper Cub – an unarmed artillery spotting plane. The flight crew shot at a Fieseler Storch with their Colt 45 pistols, and forced the German crew to land.

  3. These are all very interesting! I’ve been obsessed with military aircraft since seeing the SR-71 Blackbird at the CosmoSphere in Kansas. I’ve gotta say, you know that those jets are big, but you don’t really have a real idea of just how big they are until you’re standing right next to one. This is an awesome list!


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