Fly Me Closer

I Think I Can Catch That Me-262 Now!

Ridiculously Photogenic WWII Pilot

Me 323 Gigant Feeding Time

Prop winglets – Proplets?
P-47 which struck the ground while strafing enemy target – Flew 150 miles back to base

Would You Like to Come to My Party?

The Boeing XB-38 was a one-off test for equipping the B-17 with Allison V-1710 V type engines instead of the standard radial engines. It looks like something straight out of Star Wars

Testing the Gen 1 laser technology harvested from the Roswell crash on a P-38 Lightning

Propeller vortex coming off an F4U Corsair. I always wondered how they were able to put the chemtrail nozzles in the propeller tips

B-17 is thirsty

Air Defence Motto

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