Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Work Stories from an Airline Mechanic

via Reddit by chiselplow Mirror#2 Mirror#1 "Rampers did not load the cargo correctly, it shifted in flight and crushed the carrier, killing the dog. We're installing permanent...

They’re real!

Aircraft Namesakes

via Reddit Vigilante Predator Intruder Dragon Lady Big Ugly Fat Fu... Mirage Rafale (Gust of Wind) Tornado Typhoon Viggen (Thunderbolt) Apache Blackbird Caracal Cobra Commanche Tomcat Harrier Poseidon Gripen (Griffin) Eagle Draken (Dragon) Fighting Falcon Hornet Iroquois Jaguar Kiowa Lancer Lynx Nimrod Orion Osprey Puma Raptor Spirit Tiger

“Oh Hell No!!! Nope nope nope… Nope!” Moments

1. That’s A Smart Nope 2. You are a South African bush pilot. You fly in some critical medical supplies, enjoy a quick lunch at...