Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Filming a Middle Age Festival with a Drone

Enjoy this drone getting taken out with a spear Enjoy this drone getting taken out with a spear

Why we always face airplanes into the wind!

Humans have no boundaries, do they? "Let me set up this camera in your house and then have millions of my kind laugh at...

Top 12 Aviation GIFs Of All Time #2

1/12 http://gph.is/1UKYNt5 2/12 http://gph.is/2et96EY 3/12 http://gph.is/1AcACb3 4/12 http://gph.is/18mduYC 5/12 http://gph.is/1hyRzAH 6/12 http://gph.is/299BAhI 7/12 http://gph.is/16n7vRF 8/12 http://gph.is/28Z28m6 9/12 http://gph.is/176MWOQ 10/12 http://gph.is/Ix2TnC 11/12 http://gph.is/1hm9fTv 12/12 http://gph.is/XLaJiW

The 10 Best Blue Angels Moments #1

10. First-person cockpit view of the Blue Angels in formation http://i.imgur.com/CAD2Cql.gifv 9. P-51 Mustang in formation with 2 Blue Angels F-18s and a F-22 Raptor http://i.imgur.com/I2gwNU3.jpg 8. Blue...