F6F Hellcat – Ace Maker, reference to its success in battle

A-1 Skyraider – Able Dog, reference to its original “AD” (Attack aircraft, Douglas) designation, Zorro, Spad, Fat Face (A-1E), Sandy

UC-78 Bobcat – Bamboo bomber

C-17 Globemaster III – Barney

B-2 Spirit – Beak, reference to its sharp nose, Voron (Russian for “hawk”)

SB2C Helldiver – The Beast

A-6 Intruder – Drumstick, Pregnant Guppy, Whale (KA-6)

A-7 Corsair II – SLUF (Short Little Ugly Feller)

F4U Corsair – Bent wing bird, reference to its gull-wing design

B-1 Lancer – Bone, lengthened form of “B-1” (“B-one”)

UC-78 Bobcat – Boxkite, Brasshat, Rhapsody in Glue, Useless-78, a play on the UC-78 designation, Wichita Wobbler

P-39 Airacobra – Britchik, Russian for “little shaver”

B-52 Stratofortress – BUFF, Big Ugly Fat F****r

C-121 Constellation – Connie, short form of “Constellation”

F-4 Phantom II – Double ugly , Eisensau (German for “iron pig”), Fliegende Ziegelstein (German for “flying brick”), Luftverteidigungsdiesel (German for “air defense diesel”)

U-2 – Dragon Lady

O-2 Skymaster – Cessna suck-blow, reference to the pusher and puller engine arrangement, The duck , Mixmaster, Oscar Deuce, long form of the “O-2” designation, Pushmepullyou

F-16 Fighting Falcon – Electric jet, reference to its “fly by wire” operation

H-21 Shawnee – Flying banana, reference to its shape

F3F – Flying barrel, reference to its shape

F-104 Starfighter – Flying coffin, reference to the number of Luftwaffe crashes, Zipper, Missile With A Man In It, Sled, Widowmaker (in the Luftwaffe)

C-5 Galaxy – Aluminum Overcast, Cumulus Aluminus, Big Mac, Fat Albert, FRED (Foolishly Ridiculous Economic Disaster), Linda Lovelace, Queer (every time it kneels, it blows something)

CH-46 Sea Knight – Frog

KC-135 Stratotanker – Strato-Bladder, Steam Jet, Fanbird (R version)

F-15 Eagle – Flying tennis court, reference to the size of the wings

F-15E Strike Eagle – Beagle (Bomber Eagle)

C-47 Skytrain – Gooney bird

A-4 Skyhawk – Heinemann’s hot rod, reference to the designer Ed Heinemann

F-117 Nighthawk – Hopeless diamond, a play on “Hope diamond” because of its unairworthy-looking shape, Wobblin’ Goblin, reference to its supposed instability in flight, BatPlane, Cockroach, Roach, (they only come out at night)

UH-1 Iroquois – Huey, derived from its original “Hu-1” designation, Teppichklopfer (German for “carpet beater”)

E-2 Hawkeye – hummer

F-100 Super Sabre – Hun, short for “hundred”, a reference to its designation

PT-22 Recruit – Maytag Messerschmitt

AC-47 ‘Spooky’ gunship – Puff the Magic Dragon

AT-6 Texan – The pilot maker

Douglas SBD Dauntless – Slow But Deadly, long form of the “SBD” designation

SB2C Helldiver – Son of a Bitch, 2nd Class, long form of the “SB2C” designation

S-2 Tracker – Stoof

Grumman Avenger – Tarpon, early British designation

F-105 Thunderchief – Thud

A-10 Thunderbolt II – Warthog, Hog

C-46 Commando – The Whale

A-37 Dragonfly – Dog Whistle, Converter (jet fuel into noise)

F-14 Tomcat – Turkey, Bombcat (bomb capable version), Peeping Tom (equipped w/TARPS), Tomturkey

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