A victory marking (also called a kill marking) is a symbol applied to the side of a military aircraft to denote a victory achieved by the aircraft’s pilot.

The use of victory markings originated during World War II and frequently took the form of the roundel or national flag of the nationality of the aircraft defeated.

But nowadays you can find a bit unusual kill markings as well…

Kill-marking of a Decepticon on USAF AC-130H (Heavy Metal) that appeared in 2007 film “Transformers”

F-16 Netz 107

Israeli Air Force F-16A Netz 107 with 6.5 kill marks of other aircraft and one kill mark of an Iraqi nuclear reactor, a world record for an F-16.

Kill markings for broken refuelling probes on a Canadian F/A-18.

Fuerza Aérea Colombiana, Douglas/Basler AC-47T “Fantasma” COIN gunship displaying her kill marks under one of her GAU-19 .50 BMG Gatling gun.

A LTV A-7E “Corsair II” from VA-72 flown by Cdr. J. R. Shooter Sanders is shown close-up with his combat mission decorations.

USAF A-10A showing its kill markings from Desert Storm, 1991

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R Gillchrest
R Gillchrest
2 years ago

why do I see no pictures whenever I log on to your website?