Four turboprops on the C-130, three turboshafts on the helo, all to move a Humvee. And you thought your SUV got bad mileage…

A particularly intimidating picture of the Hawaii Mars

Aircraft Aircraft Carrier

A refuelling trifecta

This is a really interesting book!

Yo Dawg! We heard you liked wings, so we put wings on your wings!

This picture was taken in 1994, the wing part was going to be fitted to the second An 225, which was unfortunately never completed. Also note the 3rd tail fin added to the An 22.

And here we see the endangered DeHavilland undergoing a snow birth

A C-124 delivering a ski plane to McMurdo Station, Antarctica

If you work in the Air Force, never leave your plane overnight at an Army owned airfield

Wouldn’t it be great to have tail-top seats on every airliner?

For when you can’t get enough data

Meanwhile In Albania

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