FLIR footage of Concorde take-off from Heathrow

Awesome Air France CONCORDE at KAI TAK!
Can you imagine landing at Kai Tak in a Concorde, I don’t think it gets any better than that!

Concorde Captain Changes His Mind!
ATC: Your mother in law has arrived at the airport
Captain: Say again?
ATC: Your mother in la…

Concorde’s First Flight
Check out the 1969 maiden flight of the now defunct Concorde supersonic airliner from Toulouse, France. This amazing plane could travel from New York to London in 3.5 hours!

Concorde nose and visor raising during flight – cockpit view

Just may be the most beautiful flying machine ever produced by mankind

In all my days of seeing snoots and droops, that’s the droopiest snoot I’ve ever seen!

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