That has to be the single most weirdest aircraft I have ever seen. Mi-32 heavy helicopter project with a carrying capacity of 60 tons.

Yakovlev VVP-6. The VVP-6 was a proposed VTOL surface-to-air missile platform during the Soviet era. This thing would be colossal. Almost the length of a Boeing 777.

The Boeing-Vertol 235 was one of the proposed designs for the Advanced Attack Helicopter project. At the end of the AAH project, the Army chose the YAH-64, now known as the AH-64 Apache.

Del Mar DH-20. A foldable mini med-evac tandem rotor helicopter.

Kamov V-100. A proposed Russian transverse rotor compound attack helicopter. If the A-10 was a helicopter, this would be it. 

Ka-56 “Osa” – a portable helicopter for one person for Soviet spies that can be transported in a cylindrical container. One of the strangest demands was that it could fit into the submarine’s torpedo tube

XH-51A Compound. An XH-51 turned compound helicopter testbed by slapping a single jet engine on its left side.

Filper Research Beta 200A. XKE for scale.

Wagner Aerocar. A roadable helicopter from 1965. Meet George Jetson.

Fairey FB-1 Gyrodyne. A rotorcraft that counteracts the torque of the rotor with a single propeller on its right side.

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