1. When its OK to use the F-word

2. That’s gonna be paperwork

3. I’m sorry, but not this time






9. Shredded Seminole and the Wild True Story Behind It! P.S. It’s Not an Angry Wife With a Chainsaw

10. True Story Behind “Plane in a Tree” Photo…

11. Emergency Exit Fail

12. Wrong button

13. Fasten Your Seatbelt If You Can

14. Priceless

15. The pilot of a Cessna climbs out of his small plane uninjured after a giant Russian Antonov jet, in background, flipped it over with the force of its engines while both aircraft were taxiing toward the main runway Thursday at Calgary International Aiport.

16. Let’s TP principal’s airplane instead!

17. A crack in the window


19. When he kisses you so passionately it lifts you off your feet

20. Two Su-27SM have some hot action on a cold day


  1. The F-18 pic is fake all fighter aircraft have a switch on the gear and when weight is on the gear none of the armament will fire.

    • That’s true but there was a time in the 90s when the F/A18 has some computer and logic issues where the AIM9 were falling of the rack when landing on the carrier. I was present when this occurred several times on the USS Midway. That is a real picture. I too had run away from sidewinders falling off and skidding down the flight deck.

    • It didn’t fire. It wasn’t locked on the launcher rail. When the air craft slowed after taking a wire it slide off the front of the rail. Not the first time that has happened.

    • They told us the same thing about the Apache helicopter until one landed on the runway right after a flight of three Chinooks had just cleared and pickeled off a rocket right down the centerline. The squat switch apparently malfunctioned and launched the rocket instead of safing the system.

    • There is a shear pin that can break so the AIM9 will slide off the rail. WOW signal interlocks firing or jettison functions.
      There is no rack lock like on a bomb rack

    • I personally watched a A7 make a very hard landing on the USS Kitty Hawk, a Sparrow from its port wing dislodged and did exactly what that one is doing. Went right off the round down on the forward end of the angle deck. FACT, not fake

  2. I was working in Wing Safety Office at Hurlburt Field when cop tried to drive under F-15. Got the photos in my morning Email. They were promptly deleted from all servers. Taken by a tow truck driver without autorization.
    Cops stated he dropped phone on floor, trying to pick up. That didnt explain why civilian woman was in the car with him.

  3. I’ve seen an F4 lose a sidewinder during an arrested landing. Any mechanical device can fail. (Mechanical device being the latches on a LAU 7 missile launcher)

  4. Actually a friend of mine was marshalling an F4 when it fired a sidewinder missile at him. Rain had gotten into the pylon & shorted out the firing circuit! He was given the rest of the day off. 🙂


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