Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Crazy drone footage of an A380 takeoff

This is claimed to be drone footage of an Airbus A380 departing from Mauritius Island/ If genuine, it represents a major breach of airline...

REJECTED TAKEOFF! United 757-200 RWY 28L at SFO

Uhh Ladies and Gentleman, the first officer forgot his wallet at the skybar...He's just gonna go grab it and we'll be on our way...

Amazing C-5 Galaxy Screaming Takeoff!!!

Love those TF39s - the sound of 10,000 angry vacuum cleaners. Crank up your speakers as the largest aircraft in the United States Air Force...

Spectacular Take-offs!

Airbus A380 Pilotsview – Long Takeoff Roll

Thought V1 was never going to come, that was long!

The Most Dangerous Takeoff

Muddy Takeoff From Russia

Awesome C-5 Galaxy Take Off From A Short Runway

Blue Angel Crazy Low Takeoff! (End of the Runway)