by Chuckie SkyWit

In the world of aviation, where most social media accounts are as exciting as a lukewarm cup of airport coffee, Ryanair stands out like a pilot in a clown suit. But hold on to your in-flight peanuts, because the maestro behind Ryanair’s legendary social media shenanigans, Michael Corcoran, just made a dramatic exit.

Michael Corcoran (

Corcoran, the brains behind Ryanair’s unfiltered approach to social media, officially bid adieu on October 31, leaving behind a trail of mystery and a few raised eyebrows. And guess what? He didn’t leave quietly; he left with the grace of a cat wearing roller skates.

In a farewell post that reads like the juiciest episode of an aviation soap opera, Corcoran spilled the tea on his departure. Forget the usual LinkedIn fluff; this guy’s not about that life. He sipped cocktails on a sunny island with his family, reflecting on the joy and disappointment of what could’ve been. Why did he leave? Well, buckle up, because the man dropped five truth bombs that would make a spy blush.

  1. No matter how good you do, they’ll always be d*ckheads who bring you down.
  2. HR is there to protect the house. Sorry, no cozy office confessions here.
  3. Your manager is NOT your friend. Newsflash: water is wet.
  4. Everyone has their own agenda. Cue the gasps.
  5. Someone can still come across as nice and be an abusive bully. Plot twist!

While Corcoran remained tight-lipped about the specific incident that led to his grand exit, rumors are swirling faster than a paper airplane caught in a hurricane. The Irish Independent claimed five social media gurus abandoned ship, citing a clash with a senior executive. Ryanair, ever the model of transparency, dismissed it as “complete rubbish,” insisting only three folks decided to spread their wings and fly elsewhere.

Photo by Lucas Davies on Unsplash

But why is Ryanair’s social media such a spectacle? Unlike other airlines that treat social media like a corporate board meeting, Ryanair believes people want to be entertained and escape the real world. And entertain they do. Got a complaint? Brace yourself because Ryanair’s response will make you question your life choices, like, “What were you expecting when you booked a ticket with us, a red carpet and a personal serenade?” Touche, Ryanair, touche.

So here’s to you, Michael Corcoran, the unsung hero of the skies, who dared to make social media as turbulent as a Ryanair landing. Fly high, you magnificent maverick!

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