Learn to be an informed flyer with Kulula Airlines

I’m going to fly this airline just to keep ’em in business.

This is pretty neat, I won’t lie.

I love when companies don’t take themselves too seriously.


  1. gotta love it… i’m also wondering if they named the planes 😀 ever since spaceX’s recovery ships where named… “of course i love you” is the one they use most… i didn’t understand why the lady kept saying it in the recording, then i found out why and it made sense… anyhow …. if they named the planes, share them please 😀

  2. this is very nice, i even imagined seeing through the eye of a kid, fascinated by the bright green color, the graphics that are also educational. big up kulula. this airliner started off with a strategy to bring simplicity to the aviation space. i think it was the same one where they had pilots were the famous “machesa” as part of the uniform.

  3. Looks like Kulula gone to the same level as SAA very sad as consumers we need more options in SA.Very stupid check in system and unhelpful staff George airport ???


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