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A $100 hamburger is aviation slang for a general aviation pilot needing an excuse to fly. A $100 hamburger trip usually involves flying a short distance (less than two hours), eating at an airport restaurant, and flying home. “$100” originally referred to the approximate cost of renting or operating a light general aviation aircraft, such as a Cessna 172, for the time it took to fly round-trip to a nearby airport. However, increasing fuel prices have since caused an increase in hourly operating costs for most airplanes, and a Cessna 172 now costs US$95–130 per Hobbs hour to rent, including fuel.
A new term called the $100 pancake has been coined by several aviators in the Southwest. During summer months in the Southwestern United States it tends to get hot-mid afternoon, so aviators choose to launch early in the morning to avoid thermals and turbulence. By taking off early and landing at their destination early, they would rather have pancakes over a greasy hamburger thus coining the term $100 pancake.

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