The first rule you need to know is that women are complex!

For some unknown reason, they like pilots!

But for us, this is still simpler to understand than a woman!

But before we proceed any further, you need to take this test!

Now, this is probably what every pilot wants!

Because we are probably crazy in the eyes of other people. If you want to have a perfect relationship, follow this…

But be carefull not to get in this situation below.

Girls usually think this is enough to show their interest in us.

But unfortunatly it is not. Granted, our job is not easy, but if we could pilot a Concorde, women shouldn’t be a problem. Right? I hope so…

There are some important differences between men and women

Short version below!

We feel obligated to let you know this!

Courtesy is never out of style!

We wouldn’t recommend speed dating, it turns out like this every time! Believe us, we tried!

If you get to the second date…

… you will probably take her up. But try to pay attention and think before you speak!

There isn’t a rule about this! This will happen to you, you can’t avoid it.

But if you pass this obstacle, there will probably be a wedding.

And finally, one day you will get in trouble for no apparent reason.

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