The Saturn V rocket that lifted the Apollo 11 astronauts to the Moon, used 5,960,645 lbs of fuel to provide 7,500,000 pounds of thrust.

Neil Armstrong’s heart rate was 110 bpm.
Michael Collins’ heart rate was 99 bpm.
Buzz Aldrin’s heart rate was 88 bpm.

That’s pretty damn impressive. I’m pretty sure mine would have been about 300 bpm.

During the Lunar descent, Armstrong, who was piloting the Lunar Lander, saw his heart rate rise to 156 bpm at touchdown. Several alarms were received during the descent and he only had 16 seconds of fuel remaining when he landed.

Stepping on to the Lunar surface. Armstrong was at 112 bpm, which means he was more anxious about leaving the space ship than when he was blasting off.

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