A friend of mine was telling me her flight from Boston to New York was delayed, which meant she missed her connection home to Seattle. She joined a group of other passengers, all in the same boat, each hoping to book seats on the next flight out.

airplane seats

All of the passengers waited patiently except for one man who treated the ticket agent very rudely. “I had an aisle seat reserved and I BETTER get an aisle seat when we get on another plane,” he ranted and raved.

A few minutes later the ticket agent announced that there would be room for everyone. “And, sir,” she said, addressing the rude fella, “I’m happy to tell you that I was able to get you an aisle seat, sir.”

The man, still muttering, picked up his carry on, grabbed his boarding pass, and headed through the door.

The agent continued, “And I’m also pleased to announce the rest of you will be seated in First Class.”


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