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“Rampers did not load the cargo correctly, it shifted in flight and crushed the carrier, killing the dog. We’re installing permanent steel cages to prevent this from happening again, but I’ve seen rampers break 3/8″ steel cages before, so I wouldn’t trust them to not do it again.”

“Poor bunny. We were performing an engine run to check for leaks and he ran out right in front. There was nothing recognizable as bone. Just fur and red paste. The engine was fine though.”

“I guess he had a rough landing.”

It’s cheaper to pump cold/hot air into a plane than to run it’s own air conditioning system, so they have external connection points to hook up a big hose to. I did not see that big hose and closed up all the doors, causing to plane to pressurize, on the ground, with no one inside. I came back a few minutes later because I forgot my hat inside and found the door was really hard to open. I got it to open, and the blast of air pushed the door into me while I was standing on a ladder, nearly knocking me off. I was definitely high enough to get seriously hurt if I fell, but I was lucky enough that I didn’t.”

“I was working with a trainer who was showing me how to change a tire. I was looking through the paperwork and saw that when we pulled off the old tire, we were missing a washer. I brought it to the attention of the trainer and he asked me what we should do about it. I said I’d go order it from parts. Turns out we didn’t have it and we couldn’t get it for 4 hours. Went back to my trainer and told him the bad news. He told me to take the aircraft out of service and inform the flight crew and maintenance control. They were pretty pissed off, but hey, not my fault we didn’t have the part.

The plane would’ve been totally fine flying without that tiny 1/4″ washer, but I still stand by my decision.”

“We have to do a few inspections on a strut that is sitting too low, because we don’t know how long it was low, so there could be damage that’s not obvious. I guess he expected us to just saunter on over there, give it a quick look and say “Looks good from here.” He tried to change his mind and say that he didn’t mean to call us out, but once you call maintenance, you’ve given up control of that aircraft and I’m not going to release one with a suspected problem.”

“The fastest way to get promoted is to f*** something up.

Our doors moved at a blistering 5 feet per minute, so it’s not like she couldn’t see that it was going to hit the plane. The whole incident was on camera and she got suspended for a week while management investigated. After she came back she applied to become a lead and got the job.”

“Emergency pressure dumps are fun because if there’s enough moisture in the air it will snow inside the aircraft. They also hurt like hell too.

We have to pressurize the aircraft and then release all of it in about a second or so. We asked the flight crew to leave because it fucking hurts to go from -6000 ft to 0ft that fast. They argued that they could take it, so we let them stay. So we go ahead and dump the pressure and the captain looks at us, tears in his eyes, and says “Next time you ask me to get off the plane, I’m listening.””

“Gotta make sure terrorists can’t break down the door. We had a new guy sprint into the door and try to break it down. The door won.”

“The ramp gets pretty chaotic and people have a tendency to run into things. Sometimes it happens to be a plane.”

“Some of the damage we get told to inspect is so small, I can’t help but think that the person who wrote it up, was the one who caused it. If I can’t see it while deliberately looking for it, I don’t believe for a second that you saw it while just walking by.”

“Emergency equipment is pretty tightly controlled so that, you know, it actually works during an emergency. The emergency lights on the plane are powered by a separate battery and it needs to be changed if they lights are on for more than a few minutes. We don’t always have power on the plane, and the cleaners aren’t allowed to touch anything in the cockpit, so they’re supposed to bring lights to clean in the dark if they have to. I found out that the cabin cleaners were using those lights to see instead of bringing their own flashlights.”

“This could’ve been a major fuckup. This particular aircraft will top over onto it’s wing if there’s too much fuel in one side. When you’re running the APU (Refer to pt1 for acronym) it only draws fuel from the right wing. We had it running for a pretty long time and when we actually checked the fuel, we were only a few minutes away from tipping over. With almost every other aircraft out there, the plane will just pump over the fuel on its own so that you don’t even have to watch it. Not this one.”


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