Here we see a mother helicopter protecting her young…

The baby airplane is about to make its first attempt to leave the nest.

Wild helicopter caught eating

Here, we see the baby F-16 cleaning parasites

The rarely-witnessed mid-air mating ritual of the wild F-16

Aircraft Crossing

And here we see the endangered DeHavilland undergoing a snow birth. ( A C-124 delivering a ski plane to McMurdo Station, Antarctica )

Once it has made a kill…

Come on baby…

In taming of wild Sukhoi 24, it takes many vigilant men. The beast is not easily broken due of strong soviet will.

Congratulations Plane

Rarely photographed in the wild: C-5 gives birth to F-18

Conjoined twins

Baby Airplane

Push, push, I can see the head!

There are usually two cubs in a litter. Female White Jets have their first set of cubs between the ages of four and eight. White Jets have one of the slowest reproductive rates of any Jets, with females typically producing five litters in their lifetime.

Something you don’t see every day

Look at him go!

The mile high club – it’s not just for humans…

Love Story

This poor Tushka lost his snoot and now can’t be a fastboi anymore

This poor Tushka lost his snoot and now can’t be a fastboi anymore 

1 like= 1 boop

1 share= steal snoot of evil kapitalistski Concorde.

Ignore for 1,000 years in gulag


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