#42 Car accessory for fighter pilots

#41 A Boeing 727 limo or a jumbo jet Mercedes?
That’s right, someone actually built a street legal Boeing 727 Jet Limo, or in other words, a converted Mercedes bus that seats up to 30 persons. At 24,000-pounds, it features a big screen TV, full bar, fog machine, tons of lighting (laser / strobe / etc.), ceiling mirrors…

#40 Boeing 747 Cowling Booze Bar

What to do when your reliable cocktail or gin just aren’t doing it for you anymore? You gotta get this unique blend of aviation in your bar. Built from an authentic cowling of a Pratt & Whitney jet engine that powered the Boeing 747.
A Real Attention Getter for your Next Cocktail Party.

Boing 747 Cowling Bar with F-4 Ejection Seat Bar Stools.

#39 Piper Comanche micro caravan project

#38 Canadian F-18 Sea Hornet

#37 Remove Before Flight

#36 Lego


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