Washington National Airport’s River Visual

Roswell airport in New Mexico. HI-ILS 21 starts at 15,000 ft. and ends at 3800 ft.

JFK’s VOR or GPS approach to both runway 13L and 13R. 

MLS 33, Kennedy Space Center.

The LOC A approach at Reggio Calabria, the so-called “Italian Kai Tak”

The VOR DME 2 at Cochabamba, Bolivia with field elevation of 8360 ft

NDB DME 14 to Montenegro’s Tivat airport

Boston’s Logan Airport also has a charted visual approach.

Aspen has quite a reputation, and it’s well-deserved.

The NDB runway 34 approach at Sparrevohn, Alaska, advises “successful go-around improbable if initiated past the MAP” 

The NDB/DME approach to Haily, Idaho, an approach that is completely level.

The NDB-B approach to Anaktuvuk Pass, an approach with 4500 ft. minimums.

VOR/DME to runway 15 at Martin State Airport near Baltimore. This entire approach is one big DME arc

Bonus Approach Plates:

Jepp Plate for Hudson Miracle Approach

North Pole Approach Plate

From Russia With Love

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