I hope the FAA sees this…

He didn’t use his blinker.

Alaska state law reads any plane has the legal right to use any roadway to land on or take off from and motorist must give them right of way when at all possible as long as there isn’t a designated runway in the immediate vicinity of were they need to land or take off from.

Taking off in traffic is easier because motorist can see them when they are already on the ground but landing can be a lot of fun because it can get a little unsettling when an aircraft suddenly drops out of the sky in front or behind you.

Smaller aircraft like this one only need to be going about 60mph to take off and land so it’s easier for them to blend with the flow of traffic unlike a 747 that needs to be moving at approximately 180mph to gain lift. Either way, if you see one coming give them all the room you can so you and the pilot will both live long enough to tell a interesting story

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