That was absolutely insane!

Another foot or so lower and they would have clipped the railing.

They may as well extend the runway up into the grass.

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, St. Barts Airport (Gustaf III Airport) is a gem that epitomizes the convergence of aviation precision and breathtaking natural beauty.

St. Barts Airport boasts a notoriously short runway – a mere 2,133 feet (650 meters). This compact airstrip requires pilots to showcase their skills in both precision takeoffs and landings, making it one of the most challenging runways globally.

Aviation enthusiasts flock to St. Barts to witness the spectacle of low approaches. The airport’s proximity to a public beach at the end of the runway provides a thrilling experience as aircraft skim just above the heads of sunbathers.

Given the runway’s limited length, aircraft types are restricted to smaller, more nimble models. Propeller-driven aircraft and certain regional jets become the stars of the show, navigating the challenges posed by the compact airstrip.

St. Barts Airport stands as an exemplar of the delicate balance between aviation challenges and the allure of paradise. The short runway, low approaches, and the symbiotic relationship with the surrounding landscape create an aviation experience unlike any other. For those who appreciate the fusion of precision and natural beauty, St. Barts Airport remains an iconic destination that continues to captivate aviation enthusiasts from around the globe.

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