The Mil Mi-35MS is a special military command, control and communication helicopter for VIP flights. It was developed for the Russian military command.

There are already Mi-8MTV helicopters configured for the VIP role in Russia. However, the new Mi-35MS is much faster. The Mi-8MTV has a maximum speed of 230-250 km/h, while the Mi-35MS helicopter has a maximum speed of 335 km/h.

The interior of these unique helicopters shows a modern and luxurious cabin, although it can only accommodate a handful of people due to its small size.

The first operable Mi-35MS was spotted in 2013. Most likely, there are three Mi-35MS flying command posts built.

The Mi-35MS carries no armament, but it is packed with long-range fuel tanks, missile approaching warning sensors, radars, night flight system GLONASS/GPS navigation system, satellite communication station, special jam-proof communication equipment.

This just might be the most menacing VIP helicopter in the world, and one that is also an icon of Russian military might.

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Ahmad Dan-Hamidu
Ahmad Dan-Hamidu
10 months ago

I think it should be armed…at least lightly (chin gun turret and two rocket pods) so it can do “offensive defense” (fight-before-fleeing) instead of just “defensive defence” (flee-from-threat).