Ahh, St. Maarten at sunset…

ATC: MD80 you got some guys filming at the end of runway one…

Pilot: Roger that… We will give them some great footage for YouTube.

Princess Juliana Airport graces the Dutch side of St. Maarten, a picturesque island renowned for its pristine beaches and azure waters. The airport, named after Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, seamlessly blends the beauty of the Caribbean with the excitement of aviation.

Maho Beach, adjacent to the runway’s threshold, has become an aviation enthusiast’s haven. Visitors gather to witness the dramatic landings, feeling the exhilarating jet blasts as aircraft pass overhead. The proximity of the beach to the runway provides an unmatched front-row experience.

Princess Juliana Airport is more than an aviation hub; it’s an experience. With its breathtaking approach, unique challenges, and tropical allure, it has etched its place in the hearts of aviation professionals and enthusiasts who seek a perfect blend of excitement and paradise in the world of aviation.

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