USS Copahee CVE-12

USS Intrepid (CV-11), which is not an escort aircraft carrier (CVE, Escort Aircraft Carrier) leaving San Francisco in 1944 with a cargo of aircraft and vehicles to the Pacific theater of operations.

Overhead view of the escort carrier Sitkoh Bay (CVE 86) underway transporting aircraft c 1959

The escort carrier Thetis Bay (CVE 90) pictured underway transporting PBY Catalina aircraft c 1944.

Am I the only one here who thinks they just should have attached those PBY’s in a line behind a tugboat?

Overhead view of the carrier Essex (CV 9) steaming in the Pacific with her flight deck packed with airplanes c 1944

The carrier Philippine Sea (CVA 47) returns to port carrying transport planes in addition to airplanes of her embarked air group. 8/9/1952

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