Have you ever wondered how huge spacecraft parts got from one place to another?

Well, this is NASA’s Super Guppy cargo aircraft.

The cargo compartment inside the Super Guppy is 25 feet wide, 25 feet tall and 111 feet long.

Perfect for oversized spacecraft components.

It can carry a maximum payload of more than 26 tons (23,587 kg).

The aircraft has a unique hinged nose that can open more than 200 degrees, allowing large pieces of cargo to be loaded and unloaded from the front.

The transportation of oversized cargo has always been a tremendous problem for logistics planners in the government and private industry. The physical limitations of railroad tunnels, narrow roads, low bridges, and power lines make an overland shipment of such cargo extremely problematic, if not impossible. NASA’s Super Guppy offers a practical and economical solution to these problems.

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