D-ICKS – Dornier Seastar – One of only two built

For all you top gear fans, you probably know who’s plane this is.

WOW Air’s fleet’s interesting aircraft registrations


  1. Awesome!

    A Chinese Plane with the Registration “B-ITTE” would be funny parking next to the Jet with the Registration “D-ANKE” 😀

  2. PR-ESS – Robinson R44 (11891)
    PR-ICE – Eurocopter EC-130B4 (4593)
    PR-IDE – Mil MI-171 Atlas Taxi Aereo (cancelled)
    PR-IME – Sikorsky S76 (760178)
    PR-IOR – Cirrus SR22 (2932)
    PR-OBE – Falcon 2000EX (179)
    PR-OPS – Robinson R44 (12549)
    PR-OST – Robinson R44 (12093) – not owned by Alain Prost! LOL
    PR-OUD – Cessna Citation 525 (0660)
    N155AN – Gulfstream G550 (5029) owned by NISSAN

  3. Or the famous plane of Prof. Bernhard Grzimek a DO 27 with the Registration D-ENTE a plane easely to recognize with its Zebra painting all over the plane

  4. In the late 1970’s I learned to fly (in Germany) with a french made Robin DR-215. The tail number was D-EFLY. It was “Fly Robin Fly” like the disco song from the group “Silver Convention. …now I can’t get the song out of my head!

  5. LV-MLO (Scrapped 747)

    CC-BAD (Meanest plane in Chile)

    EC-MLO (Meanest plane in Spain)

    LV-X666 (Sling 4 of the demon)

    N666US (Devil 767)

    G-EVIL (Meanest plane in the UK)

    OO-SAD (Belgian plane who cries all the time)

    9M-MLO (Meanest plane in Malaysia)

  6. I used to fly a GIV reg M YWAY and we had Frank Sinatra singing ” I Did it my way” on the sound system as the pax walked on board. Class.

  7. For Russians it would be more funny to see registration number D-EATH on Grobe airplane, because “grobe” sounds like Russian word “гроб” and translates as “coffin”: )


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