The moment a Flat Earther realizes that the Earth is round… Priceless!

The real kicker is that they managed to somehow drum up $20,000 for a ring laser gyroscope, to ‘disprove’ the 15° per-hour ‘drift’ observed on a round, rotating earth.

Well, of course it measured the 15° drift, which shouldn’t happen in their ‘flat earth’ model.

But wait! Maybe it’s “heaven energies” that are causing the drift, not the rotation of a spherical earth! So what you really need to do, is isolate the gyroscope in a ‘zero gauss chamber’!

Done. Oops, still measuring that 15° drift.

“Ok, what we REALLY need to measure this with, is to put this whole gyro in a ‘bizmuth crystal chamber’, to try isolating this instrument from the ‘heaven energies’…”

The guy who dropped the $20,000 probably thinks it’s broken and wants his money back.

Naturally, they suppressed the results of their experiments (a moment captured beautifully in the doc: “don’t tell anyone, if this gets out, …. game over for flat earth”). Indeed.
Watch the full documentary, it’s worth it.

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