A unique look into Emirates’ aircraft paint hangar.

The world’s largest owned by an airline.

That plane being owned by Emirates there is a chance that the gold paint is real gold.

Airlines often opt to change the livery of their aircraft for various reasons – rebranding, commemorating milestones, or simply staying current with design trends. When such a decision is made, the aircraft undergoes a transformation that goes beyond visual appeal.

Once the aircraft is stripped down to its bare metal, meticulous attention is given to surface preparation. This involves cleaning, etching, and applying protective coatings to ensure the aircraft’s structural integrity and longevity.

Aircraft painting involves more than just aesthetics; it’s about weight management and aerodynamics. Highly specialized paint that balances weight, durability, and reflectivity is used. Additionally, precise masking ensures that essential components like sensors and antennas are not compromised.

From the meticulous removal of the old paint to the application of a new livery, each step contributes to the aircraft’s renewed identity. As it takes to the skies with its fresh look, this repainted Boeing 777 not only reflects the airline’s image but also stands as a testament to the careful balance between aesthetics and aviation science.

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