30 minutes for a pushback? I’m OUTTA HERE. Carl, hit the reversers!

While it WAS done, McDonnell Douglas DC-9 technical orders did NOT recommend the procedure.

Wonder if the groundstaff were shouting “You’re all right, you’re all right, right hand down a bit, you’re all right”

The McDonnell Douglas DC-9, a twin-engine, single-aisle jetliner, epitomized efficiency in short to medium-haul air travel. First introduced in the 1960s, it featured a distinctive T-tail configuration, accommodating around 90 passengers. Renowned for its reliability and versatility, the DC-9 series became a workhorse for numerous airlines globally. Notable for its durable design and continued evolution, the DC-9 played a pivotal role in shaping regional air transportation, earning its place as a venerable aircraft in aviation history.

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2 years ago

I experienced the same thing once in ATL. After a Storm front hit the east coast and all Traffic from ATL was released all at once. Not enough Tractors so we pushed back with our Air Tran DC9 on reverse. Quite an Experience.

3 months ago

At least they had 2 wing walkers….