Came in a little too hot on the landing...
Via Reddit


  1. I use a MAC and cannot see a large number of your pictures. You are obviously using Windows-only code, making it impossible to see on other platforms. If you will look at the monthly stats, you’ll find that most people don’t use Windows y, so you’re not getting to most of your audience.
    It would help a lot if you would start using an open source development tool, which uses standard code that any computer can read.

    • Dear Roy, please be aware that pictures (images) are generally platform independent. Image formats (JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs) that we are using on this site are not OS specific. The problem that pictures are not showing on your computer must be of other nature, and most probably on your end. We actually have one MAC in our office and have no problem viewing the website.
      Regarding the “monthly stats” and MAC users, unfortunately MAC is in deep minority of web visitors, with only 4% of share.


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