Boeing 747… Check, Camera… Check, Zipties… Check, High-speed tape… Check.

That whole flight they were probably like “I wonder if the camera will still be there when we land”.

The sped-up video is nice to watch what matters at normal speed. One thing seen here, never seen by anyone except a true stowaway, is the brake application at gear retraction. This is done by the retraction system, not the pilot, to avoid retracting the gear with spinning tires in the wheel wells.

Co-pilot: Positive rate, should I pull up the landing gear?
Pilot: Shut up Carl, I’m trying to make a viral video!

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2 years ago

A mech told me that when engaging the gear lever on heavies, it autobrakes the wheels, making it easier to retract by eliminating the gyroscopic effects of all those wheels spinning. Been fortunate enough to capture some brake dust from a couple of heavier Airbuses departing the local nest.