Someone let an airline ship their pet in the baggage compartment. Needless to say, the pet arrived frozen and deceased.

The baggage handlers were reprimanded and the airline was sued.


Several days later, after unloading another frozen pet, the baggage handlers decided to cover up someone’s mistake by going to the local pet store and picking up an identical animal.

When the owner retrieved their pet, they were shocked and amazed.

It seems the owners were merely returning the pet for burial… it had been dead for several days.


    • Cargo compartments are not always heated. If a pet crate is stored in the wrong compartment, pets will indeed freeze on long flights with high cruising altitudes.

    • Generally (especially with older airliners), only one (either fore or aft) baggage compartment is heated. If you put a living animal in the incorrect one, it will freeze. Heard of multiple scenarios of this happening with one of my profs’ airlines, as well as with ASA airlines, since I work at SEATAC.

    • no it does freeze in some aircraft. not all granted but some there is no temperature control in the hold and it can drop cold enough to kill

  1. True story,

    I don’t know about the first dead dog, but the second really happened, it happened in a flight of VARIG (that closed a few years ago), the dog arrived dead and one of the airline’s employees went to the local pet store and picked up an identical animal, when they delivered the animal the owner said: “There is just one problem, my dog was dead and i was bringing his body for burial”.


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