If you can read this ADD POWER

Why Navy planes need hooks? Air Force pilots have always wondered why Navy planes need tail hooks. Well, here is the answer. After a tough day of flying on an aircraft carrier, the planes are always washed and they use the hooks to hang the planes over the side to dry. Now you know…

Aircraft carrier USS Midway hide and seek champions 1973.

3 Great Things In Life

Catch and release program

Like a mini Boss


I Dunno Jet

Deck Crew Talent Show

I told you to come earlier!

You think your hangar is packed? Look at this hangar inside an aircraft carrier.

Wrong button

Spider-Man Saves the Day

Mechanics Work Order – USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier

Famous Last Words: Gear down, Flaps down, Hook down

Nothing like a little spa time abord an aircraft carrier

The greatest office view

Flight Simulator. The Navy’s really feeling those budget cut-backs…

Tail walking not as fun as tail chasing but someone has to do it

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12 years ago

Better don’t screw up landing when everybody is watching you…..

John Williams
John Williams
2 years ago

I remember seeing a C-130 landing/taking off from the USS Forrestal CVA-59. Under the cockpit of the C-130 was written, “LOOK MA, NO HOOK.” [The C-130 reversed the props about 10′ off the deck.]