Now there’s something you don’t see or hear every day!

An extremely close flyby from an Airbus A319 flying at 38,000 FT.

The flyby sound put such a stupid smile on my face.

70 minutes into their 3.5 hour high altitude balloon flight, OLHZN-5, balloon inadvertently experienced an extremely close flyby over Newark, NY near Rochester, NY from an Airbus A319 operated by Delta Air Lines which was en-route from Boston, MA to Detroit, MI and flying just over our payload at 38,000 FT. This is the footage captured from the onboard camera of the event. All of thier flights follow FAA Federal Aviation Regulation requirements outlined in FAR Section 101 and additionally have NOTAMs filed with the FAA and coordination is performed with the local ARTCCs and airports to ensure safe operations.

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