The year was 1978. Jaws, the movie, was still popular, and the military found an excuse to turn the name into an acronym. Tactical tests of the A-10 and Army attack and observation helicopters became the “Joint Attack Weapons System.” 

75-259 and 75-258 on the line

During the tests, Air Force Aggressors reported that the A-10’s light celestial camouflage scheme made the A-10 easily visible from the air.

The 57th Tactical Training Wing had 4 aircraft given an overall coat of tan, green, or gray, then sprayed and brushed with spots of three or four other earth tones. 

A-10A  in  JAWS Scheme
Fuselage “Spotted” Pattern for A-10A 75-260

The scheme‚Äôs developers had plans for repaint kits to accompany deploying units, changing the spots on aircraft as geographical conditions required. 

But by September 1978 Nellis was developing what became the European I scheme, and the spotted camouflages became a minor but remembered, camouflage oddity.

A-10A Thunderbolt II 75-259 in flight during Exercise JAWS II, November 1977


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